Getting Started with Video Poker

Video poker is one interesting casino game to play, and it is certainly one of the most rewarding games to enjoy. Once you get a hang of how to stay profitable playing video poker, you can actually make a lot of money doing nothing but enjoying this marvelous casino game.

The first thing you should prepare every time you want to play video poker is a positive mindset. It may sound strange, but having positive mindset towards the game actually helps. You can make better, more calculated, decisions the whole time you play the game and it is very easy to stay profitable this way.

If you are new to video poker, it is always best to stick to video poker machines offering 3-6-9 payout table. It is the basic payout table for most video poker machines, including Jacks or Better Video Poker, allowing you to win 3 for Three of a Kind, 6 for a Flush, and 9 for a Full House. This is indeed the most profitable video poker payout table to start with, and it is very rewarding even for new players.

Although video poker is loosely based on the game of poker, certain principles used in other poker variations don’t really apply to video poker. Keeping a kicker, for example, is something you should never do when playing video poker. Instead, you should focus more on pursuing the best possible hand combination at all times. Plan your plays carefully, take your time, and you will master the game before you know it.

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